Welcome to The Eighth 

The eighth district is the largest in Minnesota spanning more than 27,000 square miles! Meet our legislators below... 

Welcome to Our District

In February 2022, most of our legislative borders were adjusted to appropriately reflect the population changes recorded in the 2020 U.S. Census. 

Congressman Stauber: Representing Us in The Eighth.

Pete will always stand for the unborn and strongly opposes any efforts to use taxpayer funds for abortion. As a former law enforcement officer and a victim of two violent gun crimes, Pete is committed to protecting the 2nd Amendment guaranteeing your right to defend your family and your home. Pete also is fighting against the tyrannical mandates wrongly imposed by Joe Biden and Tim Walz on our businesses, schools, and our own personal medical decisions. Enough is enough.

State Legislators

Senate District 2

 Steve Green

House District 2A

Matt Grossell

House District 2B

Matt Bliss

House District 3A

Roger Skraba

House District 3B

Natalie Zelenzinkar

Senate District 5

Paul Utke

House District 5A

Krista Knudsen

House District 5B

Mike Wiener

Senate District 6

 Justin Eichorn

House District 6A

Ben Davis

House District 6B

 Joshua Heintzeman

Senate District 7

Robert Farnsworth

House District 7A

Spencer Igo

Senate District 10

Nathan Wesenberg

House District 10A

Ron Kresha

House District 10B

Isaac Schultz

Senate District 11

Jason Rarick

House District 11A

Jeff Dotseth

House District 11B

Nathan Nelson

Senate District 27

Andrew Mathews

House District 27A

Shane Mekeland

House District 27B

Bryan Lawrence

Senate District 28

Mark Koran

House District 28A

Brian Johnson

House District 28B

Ann Neu-Brindley

Senate District 31

Calvin Bahr

House District 31B

Peggy Scott

Senate District 33

Karin Housely

House District 33A

Patti Anderson